Friday, September 25, 2009


Mestiza means people who were born under Spanish father and Indian mother. They have mixed in racial. I believe the bad situation about the Mestiza is belongingess. I want to use the word "border" like how Gloria Anzaldua described in the book. It could mean seperates the country but Mestiza doesnt really mean seperating country. But I believe that person would feel that she is on the middle of two races and cultures. Which can be very ambigous in two differnt sides of the mixed origin.

In the book"borderland" by Gloria Anzaldua, she's suffering with her identity.

"The US-Mesican border es una herida abierta where the Third World grates against the first and bleed. And before a scab form it hemorrhages again, the lifeblood of two worlds merginging to form a third country, a border culture."

Anzuldua described Mestiza as a border-third country because of the mixed between two different cultures. And from the quote explains that to live as a Mestiza is so hard and hurt like bleeding. This quote just explains her situation of Mestiza in the book. I feel so pain and hard reading this qutoe.

I felt like that too when I came to America. It was hard like bleeding but I'm pretty sure suffer that I have is different then the book. Even though it's so hard, I have my definite origin. I have my country to go back after studying and keep my culutre proudly. However I feel bad for being Mestiza but amazing how she make a great story of her life in this book.

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  1. Very nice, Ji. I appreciate your references to your own experiences and your ability to recognize at once the similarities and the differences between your experience and Anzaldua's. Anzaldua's relationship to the land to which she is native creates an even more difficult experience, as you recognize, of loss since that land was taken from her family. On the other hand, she does make the decision to leave her home and her family in order to more fully find herself.