Friday, October 30, 2009

La Loteria

La Loteria is much like the game called "Bingo" popular in America. Unlike bingo, where one has to fill up their tablets according to the random numbers called out, Loteria has cards with illustrations that have different meanings. The illustrations on the cards are of everyday characters (el boracho, el catrin) as well as natural elements (la luna, el perico) and mythical beings (el diablo, la muerte), these illustrations vary from one another.

I remember playing loteria when I was about ten years old. At times I would have to ask my mom what certain cards were and if I could place maize on my card because I didn't know exactly what they meant. Loteria is a game that the whole family can enjoy. I used to play with my grandparents and my parents all the time. We would fill up our cards with maize. We would play during birthday parties or late in the evenings after dinner. At the time when I was playing I would only use one card to fill up with maize while my parents and grandparents paid an extra peso for another card. I was always very competitive when I played because the winner got to keep the money that was placed in a pot before the start of the game. I don't recall winning much, but I always looked forward to the next game.

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