Friday, October 9, 2009

Saldivar's Argument

Saldívar-Hull's Argument: "Woman Hollering Creek" fictionally articulates a Chicana feminism that simultaneously decenters predominantly white feminisms and destabilizes class assumptions.

I would have to agree with Hull's argument in that all the elements shown above can be seen throughout the book. The sexual, racial, geopolitical emerge from the characters own experiences, which are based on Cisneros's own experiences as a working class woman of color from the borderlands of greater Mexico. The text problematize dichotomy between gender conditions in the US and those in Mexico by combinding the two cultures and countries in the rural Texas town of Seguin.

WHC is one outcome of Cisneros commitment to popular feminism. The story ideological manipulation through mass media, such as telenovelas, collude to keep women submissive.

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  1. Camilo,

    You reference a couple of S-H's main arguments, but how do you think those arguments work to support her overall claim? In other words, how does she read "WHC" in order to make the claim for a "feminismo popular"? Remember that before we can say we agree or disagree with an argument we need to be able to say what the argument is and how it is composed. You need a bit more reflection (i.e. a longer post) in order to do that.