Saturday, November 7, 2009

Big Five-Four jukebox

In the Big Five-Four, the songs "Hey Baby, Que Paso?" and "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights" are heard by protagonists Natalie and Sway. Every weekend the girls put on their best outfits and head to the dance hall to flirt with the men and dance the night away. The song "Hey Baby, Que Paso?" is mentioned when Natalie is coming out of the bathroom in the Big Five-Four. After listening to the song, I view it as a very upbeat, flirtatious dancing song. Natalie's character is much like the song; she is a very outgoing person and although she tends to flirt with many men at the Big Five-Four, she is not looking for a serious relationship. When "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights" is heard on the jukebox, we have Consuelo being asked to dance by Cal, who "had been sweet on her ever since the day he made her aquaintance". Consuelo plays hard to get and asks him that if she dances with him be better promise that he will enjoy it real well. Consuelo has a very flirtatious personality with men and loves having all of them focus on her. I believe that both of the songs provide a strong sense of place for both characters and show why the girls pick that place to hang out on the weekends. Natalie and Sway are best friends and love to have a good time. The songs that are played at the Big Five-Four somewhat describe the type of place it is. Both songs are dancing songs, and are more flirtatious songs than serious romantic songs. I think that the songs that are played at the Big Five-Four really connect with Natalie and Sway. I think they find a sense of belonging there, they are not looking for serious relationships but do want to have fun with men. However, at the end of the night, they go home with each other. The song "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights" really seems to describe Natalie and Sway's friendship, they spend pretty much all day with each other and then "waste" the night together as well. I think the songs provide a sense of place for both characters because they are comfortable with their lifestyle and enjoy flirting with guys, but would rather spend most of their time with each other.

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  1. Good job, Jessica.
    What do you think "sense of place" means in this context? How, for example, does it relate to Nat and Sway's characters as well as where they go/live?