Monday, November 9, 2009

Cancion del caballo Blanco

The term sense of place has been defined and utilized in different ways by different people. To some, it is a characteristic that some geographic places have and some do not, while to others it is a feeling or perception held by people (not by the place itself). It is often used in relation to those characteristics that make a place special or unique, as well as to those that foster a sense of authentic human attachment and belonging. Sense of place gives a reader a sense of nostalgia when he/she stumbles upon something they can relate with, such as a song.
In Caramaba, Don Pancho is singing La Cancion del caballo Blanco while intoxicated and on the railroad tracks. The lyrics in the corrido give you an idea of what's going to happen to Don Pancho and the journey he is about to be in.

Cancion del Caballo Blanco
Este es el corrido del caballo blanco
que en un dia Domingo feliz arrancara,
iba con la mira de llegar al Norte,
habiendo salido de Guadalajara.

Su noble jinete le quito las riendas
le quito la silla y se fue 'a puro pelo'
cruzo como rayo tierras Nayaritas
entre cerros verdes y el azul del cielo.

A paso mas lento llego hasta Escuinapa
y por Culiacan ya se andaba quedando
dicen que en Los Mochis ya se iba cayendo
que llevaba todo el hocico sangrando.

Pero lo miraron pasar por Sonora
y el Valle del Yaqui le dio su ternura
dicen que cojeaba de la pata izquierda
y a pesar de todo siguio en su aventura.

Llego hasta Hermosillo, siguio pa Caborca
y por Mexicali sintio que moria,
subio paso a paso por la Rumorosa
llegando a Tijuana con la luz del dia.

Cumplida su hazana se fue a Rosarito
y no quiso echarse hasta ver Ensenada,
este es el corrido del caballo blanco
que salio un Domingo de Guadalajara.

After listening to the song and reading the book, I could see that Nina martinez is trying hint that Don Pancho is about to venture on this journey once he is dead. In a way, Don Pancho is much like the horse in that it is in search of something and won't stop until reaching its destination. Don Pancho's destination in the story is leaving purgatory. Don Pancho feels trapped in purgatory and finds himself haunting everyone in the story because of his sufferings. In the end he finds a way to leave purgatory and become a saint.

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  1. Very nice, Camilo.
    I like that you draw a parallel between DP and El Caballo Blanco. What do you think the white horse stands for either in this song or in the novel?
    You also do an excellent job of elaborating a definition of "sense of place" that suits both the narrative function and Martinez's use of songs.