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THE BIG FIVE-FOUR *sense of place

Examining one of these two scenes and listening to the attendant songs, explain how the songs either provide a sense of place or complicate the reader's sense of place. You will need first to describe what "sense of place" means in the scene in particular: what defines the place in question. Then, think about the nature of the songs, how they interact with the "place" you have described/defined, and what that suggests about "place" in general in the novel.

Define the term of sense of place.- I was not sure what it means exactly. So when I looked it up online, I found out how place doesn't always describe itself geographically but it could describe by people's feeling or perception. "It is often used in relation to those characteristics that make a place special or unique, as well as to those that foster a sense of authentic human attachment and belonging." (wikipedia)

According to the book- When Natalie came out from the bathroom, she was going to the place, the song Hey baby Que Paso was playing. When I listen to that song in the classroom on friday and read it again, the sense of place felt different. It was different than reading book when I never head the song. I could feel that place with the music. The song itself is really upbeat. Joyful and light. Especially Natalie character an the song just match and perfect for that place for the story I think.

"Hey Baby, ¿Qué Pasó?"

Hey, baby, que paso?
Thought I was your only vato
Hey, baby, que paso?
Please don't leave me de ese modo

Come on, baby, turn around
Let me show you how I feel
Don't you that I love you
And my corazón is real

For the lyrics, I have to translate them first to understand every sentence.
Que paso? = What's up baby?
de ese modo= please don't leave me like this
corazon= And my heart is real

When I heard the music I thought it's just fun and light music but the lyrics are kind of sad and heavy. However Natalie is not a serious woman like music lyrics. I believe that music describe the place and Natalie with the beat only not with lyrics. I don't think Natalie would get moody and heavy serious heart like the lyrics when she listen to that song. She was just ready to enjoy that place I think.

and later when the song "Wasted Day and Wasted Nights" plays and Cal and Consuelo are dancing. and Also Javier leaned toward Natalie. I think this song is really romantic and sweet. LIke the rhythm is slow but fast and the tone is good music for man and woman to dance and talk. Great ambience for that place and scene.

"Wasted Days and Wasted Nights"

Wasted days and wasted nights,
I have left for you Behind
for you don't belong to me
your heart belongs to someone else.

Why should I keep loving you,
when I know that you're Not true?
And why should I call your name,
when you're to blame
for making me Blue?

First of all, the title fits perfect for those meeting between man and woman in that scene.
That night in that place, it was not serious meeting for marriage or anything.
People can meet and leave each other. The time can be wasted for day or night. The song is not describing perfect love, woman heart went to other guy and the guy who loves her think about to not keep love her anymore. That place is not holy and faithful I think. More like having fun dancing and talking in the place in that night.

The songs fit on that place and people in the story I believe and listening to the music for the blog discussion, helped me to catch and see more for the sense of place.

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  1. Good, Ji. I'm really interested in the differences in your reading experience after having listened to the songs. You say that it offered you a more concrete sense of the atmosphere, which is, some argue (even some in the context of this blog post) is what songs do in general. What might it mean, then, for Martinez to include so many different songs?